how to get iPad to register its hostname with DNS server ?

Hi all experts!

I am trying to get iPad to register its hostname into DNS server, but it failed to do so.
the DHCP server is setup in Catalyst switch 6509
this is the DHCP setup in the switch 6509
ip dhcp pool vlanxxx
   network x.x.x.0
   netbios-node-type h-node
   default-router x.x.x.1
   option 252 ascii "http://mydomain/pac/wpad.dat"
   dns-server x.x.x.2
DNS server is on Windows 2008 server
but i cant get the iPad to register its hostname into DNS server
i know i am missing one option setting in the DHCP server settings above
do you know how to fix this, thanks!
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Normally the DHCP server will take care of DNS A and PTR records if the DHCP client requests this. Esp. on some devices you cannot be sure they will do this request.

But I suppose the problem is the DHCP in the switch in conjunction with your Windows Server DNS. It may be the case you will not get this working until you set up a Windows based DHCP and set it to "always update DNS records".

These options come to my mind:
1. Setup a DNS zone for this DHCP scope and put in a NS record pointing to a DNS which will do unsecure updates for DHCP,
2. Create the scope in your Windows DHCP server and set the switch to proxy the DHCP requests to your Windows based DHCP server,
3. Configure the scope in Windows DHCP server and configure the VLAN on this Windows server. This is the easiest method but not recommended if your Windows based DHCP server is a DC (in my opinion multi homed DC's always cause trouble and should be avoided)
Craig BeckCommented:
Yep, you'll need to get your Windows DHCP server to register names in DNS.

To be honest I'd just use DHCP on the Windows Server too - it's way easier to navigate and you'll get more out of it.  This will make DNS updates automatically when a client obtains an IP address.
gsawanAuthor Commented:
thanks guys!
DHCP on Windows server is selected as the correct answer!
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