Installing a ISO version downloaded from Microsoft?

I have downloaded a ISO of Windows 7 from Microsoft and burned it to a cd because I had to replace a bad hard drive and the original Windows 7 cd/dvd was misplaced. I had the key to the system attached to the computer case. I had no problem installing window 7 and validating after install. My question is ...... Can I buy  "new Keys" from Microsoft and use the ISO that I burned and the new Key to install on a new build?
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Hello ,
you can do two ways.First install DVD win7 and go to windows  and buy new key.or you can purchase key from local distributor.

Thank you.
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
yes, too a point, as long as the key is for the right product, there is nothing requiring you to make a new disk for each. it's important to use one key per install to maintain compliance.  at some point with service packs and so on, it's possible you'll need an updated media but usually they're perfectly backwards compatible.
bbbb2Author Commented:
The reason I am asking this is that since I build a lot of PC's is it safe and legal to do it they way I am talking about doing to save on cost.. Example... I have a customer who I just built a new Windows 7 home editions for. The old PC I built is running XP. they want me to format and install windows 7. By installing from a ISO, Windows 7 that I downloaded form Microsoft, would it be cost effective and legal for me to buy a new Windows 7 key and install the ISO that I burned to cd/dvd and also be able to activate the new OS using the new Key? Of course I would need 32/64 drivers for hardware issues but I plan on put them on a cd/dvd or flash drive prior to me doing the format. Do you see any other issues I might have?
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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
You don't need to buy a new key for widows 7. your old key work for the new iso also. if you face any issue contact Microsoft support service.
As has already been mentioned earlier, if the key you buy is for the same version you installed, it will activate fine. But if the key you buy is for another version of Windows 7, it won't activate. If you downloaded and installed Windows 7 Enterprise, and the key you buy is for Windows 7 home premium, it won't activate.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"...  is it safe and legal to do it they way I am talking about doing to save on cost ..."  ==>  Yes, it's safe and legal to do it, as long as the key you're using is the proper key for the version you downloaded (as already mentioned) ... BUT it's unlikely you'll save on cost.

Unless you qualify for a volume license key, it's unlikely you can buy keys without media any cheaper than you can buy them with media.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Note that since you're building these PC's, you can legally use OEM licenses, which are significantly less expensive than retail media.
Simple answer: Yes. :-)
R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
>Note that since you're building these PC's, you can legally use OEM licenses, which are >significantly less expensive than retail media.

technically I believe as long as there is a hardware component installed at the same time as the OS.

OEM software is intended for sale with a newly built machine. although there is a reasonable flexibility for providing new OS's with hardware upgrades.

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Many of the above posts have correctly stated that you can use the .iso disk to install whatever version of Win 7 the new product key (license) is good for.
This assumes that the .iso disk contains all versions of Win 7, which is true of a retail Win 7 disk.  The product key chooses the version that may be activated.
If the disk is limited to only one version of Win 7 then the only product key that will work is one for that version.
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