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I'm using Simile Exhibit Timeline to display the events/programs on the calendar. It is accepting the JSON as input. Now i'm able to update a text file with the JSON data and inputing the text file to the calendar.

1)But i need to input the JSON Data directly to the Exhibit Calendar because this is going to be used by multiple users. Data will be differ from each other.

Here is the example link which i had followed.

2) I'm able to show all the checkboxes by default, and i need to show the checkboxes as selected by default..
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Kevin CrossConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:

If your request is to go directly from JSON to SQL Server table, please read Phil Factor article SQL Server JSON to Table and Table to JSON. Ensure to follow the link in the first sentence to the Consuming JSON Strings in SQL Server article, which contains the implementation code for the user-defined function parseJSON.

Regarding the second question, you just use the CheckBox.Checked property.

I hope that helps!
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