Will my mac go to sleep while transfering files?

will my mac go to sleep while i am transferring files to an external hard disk, which will interrupt the transfer of file?
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Normally it should not, but I have seen this happen very often especially if the transfer is slow, like downloading file from the internet. Then you will hit the idle threshold and your mac will go to sleep interrupting the transfer.

You have a few options, though: Either, turn off sleep in Preferences/Energy.

This might not be a good solution at least for notebooks.
Have a look at Caffaine. This is a helper witch represents itself as a coffee cup in your menu bar. Just click it and it will prevent your Mac from sleeping until it reaches a timeout set by you or you turn it off again.

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In System Preferences > Energy Saver > Set Computer sleep to Never, and Display sleep to
whatever time you desire. As long as the hard drive does not sleep you will be fine!

This is specially critical when connected to VPN or a server etc. otherwise your connection can be severed.
Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
It should not stop the transfer.

You can tweak these things in System Preferences>Energy Saving.

If you are experiencing difficulties, move the energy sliders to Never and Put Hard Disk to sleep uncheck.
Then change the screen saver to be activated after lets say 10 minutes to spare the monitor.

These changes don't require you to restart or log out, so it's a very good way to manage these things to your needs at any time.
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