Unknown Mac Share showing user read & write permissions

Unknown Mac Share showing user read & write permissions

I have recently been setting up a Mac Share and whilst doing so I discovered

an unknown user on the share with read and write permissions

This made me a little nervous as I would of course used a proper user name

Even so I am surprised that Mac OSX allowed unknown to even become a user?

Can anyone suggest if I should try and remove it I was thinking maybe it was an Admin share of some sort. I didn't want to delete it just in case it was needed.

I have checked my other Mac OSX  systems and as expected they don't have any of these unknown user shares

Your thoughts please as what to do next
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Go into System Preferences and Users and Groups.  See if the user is in there first and ensure you have another user as an Admin.

If another user (you for instance) is an Admin then its fine to go ahead and delete it - probably a file issue.

You can go into Disk Utility first (from Utilities within Applications) and verify disk and permissions prior to doing the above.

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Robert_RayworthAuthor Commented:
I will give this a go and let you know the results
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