Searching a company to buy a domain, hosting etc etc

Hello Guys,

I'm searching for a company where i can purchase domain name, build website facilities, hosting etc etc
Do you think hostgator is reliable?
I was thinking about godaddy, but it seems that their service now is not good.  They don't have a chat system if you would need..

Please guide me..

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BMilneSLOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends what CMS you are using to build the sites. If it's WordPress, I would go with BlueHost. And I AM NOT an affiliate. Just a guy who's looking for an easy host to quickly install and build sites without problems. It's cost effective. They have tons of auto install apps. Their servers are up to date and can host just about any app without issue. And their service is always pretty good.

Here's who WordPress recommends:
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
This subject comes up a lot.  Here is a good thread on hosting

I would keep the domain name with a company that is in the business of being a registrar.  Network solutions or godaddy etc.  

The same goes for hosting, I would keep my hosting with a company that has a main focus... of hosting.

There are registrars that do hosting and hosting companies that will register domain names.  I do not  prefer either of those solutions.   However, it does depend on what you are doing and what is important to you.

A chat system has nothing to do with who hosts your site, you can have a chat on any site.   The factors I find important are reliability and help/customer service (help with hosting issues, not to be confused with coding issues).    Are you looking to have a do it yourself type built in cms?  If so, consider using or  They are geared for all in one type of package.    If you want to host a word press site, there are hosts that are specifically set up to host wordpress.  Do you need high bandwidth? heavy data?  high traffic?  Do you need granular control over the server?
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