Remote Desktop - Printing only on client selected printers


Is it possible to restrict mapping of a specific local printer, so that user PC is mapping only locally selected printers when logging on RDP Server.
Why ?
We have a problem with PDF Creator. Each time an user is loging to RDP Session, PDF Creator is printing automatically, even there is nothing to print on it.

We want to have PDFCreator locally but not in RDP Session.

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Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
You cannot  restrict just one printer on a client.  My suggestion would be to change configuration to map user default printer only instead of all printers.
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:

RDP printing is based on default printer on local pc. Second thing is yes you can open print server on server and change security on PDF printer to disalow user to use it. So he will be having 2 printers one localy one remotly but remote one he cant use becouse of restrictions.
infos-splitAuthor Commented:
Sory mnkhawaja, Restriction did not help us !
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