Testing Recurring Payments In Sandbox

Hi, is it possible to test recurring payments in the SandBox without having to wait until the next day to see if the payment is accepted or not... from my reading it seems like it used to be possible to test it every minute but that PayPal have now removed it...

Can anyone confirm if there is a way to test this without having to wait a full day?
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Andrew AngellCo-Owner / DeveloperCommented:
Unfortunately that has been removed.  You can create your own simulator, though.  Just make a basic HTML form with the action set to your IPN URL.  Add a bunch of hidden fields with the same names and values that you'd expect to get from an IPN for a recurring payment.

Then you can load this in a browser and submit it to simulate the IPN and test your script.  This also allows you to see errors on screen which can help during development and troubleshooting.  

Just keep in mind that when testing this way the IPN will not be verified since the data is not coming from PayPal's server.  You'll need to make sure your code logic can handle that accordingly.

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oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Cool, great idea, thanks...
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