Adding multiple Users to BookInPolicy in Exchange 2010

Am I desperate? Yes I am!

I need to add multiple users to the Bookinpolicy in multiple RoomMailboxes, but I just can't get it to work

I have a csv-file formated like this:

I have tried with this an some other scipts, but with no success.
$rooms	= Import-csv c:\tools\csv\rooms.csv

foreach($room in $rooms){

	Set-CalendarProcessing `
		-Identity $room.roomalias `
		-BookinPolicy $room.UserAliases `
		-AllBookInPolicy $false


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Can anyone help me out here?
Kasper KatzmannSeniorkonsulentAsked:
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SubsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this and see if it works for you..
Import-csv c:\tools\csv\rooms.csv | % {
$Resource = (Get-CalendarProcessing $_.RoomAlias).BookinPolicy
$Resource += ($_.UserAliases).split(",") | Get-mailbox | Select -ExpandProperty Identity

Set-CalendarProcessing `
		-Identity $_.roomalias `
		-BookinPolicy $Resource `
		-AllBookInPolicy $false

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PS : I have not added any kind or error control..
Kasper KatzmannSeniorkonsulentAuthor Commented:
Thats some of the scripts I have testet.
The first one is written for Exchange 2007 (i think).

The other scripts gives me errors as well.
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