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Problems with REPLACE


I am using the following formula in a report, to replace certain

if {Command.narrative} like '*format*' then replace({Command.narrative},'format',' ') else
if {Command.narrative} like '*nostock*' then replace({Command.narrative},'nostock',' ') else

The problem is that the first line of the formula works but the 2nd line doesn't i.e. it doesn't replace any words with nostock in with ''.

Any help would be appreciated
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Ido Millet
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Mike McCracken

Another thing that might be happening is the case is an issue.

Replace(Replace({Command.narrative},'format',' ',,1),'nostock',' ',,1)

The 1 tells replace to do a non-case sensitive replace

Your method fails because you have the second test in the else clause so it is only tested for strings that don't have format in them.