server 2008 Active Directory Objects and Services missing

Got called this morning because clients could not connect remotely by VPN to our office - authentication errors at server.

Arrived on site and attempted to access AD Users and Computers only to be confronted with

Naming Information Cannot be located because:
 The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

Where do I go from here?!?
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Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
take a look at this article; seems your 2008 server is affected by severe issues with your 2003 SBS server which is why your dcdiag tests and authentication is failing

might also want to make sure there aren't any hardware issues on the 2003 server that could be causing this
Mike KlineCommented:
Run dcdiag and check your event logs. What errors are you seeing? Has anything changed recently?

Is this happening to every user or just VPN users?   What are the VPN users using for DNS.  One of the first things I'd check.


Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Do you have a backup that can be used to restore from?

Could be a possible breakin & Hack.

Check the system logs
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Lisaa_GAuthor Commented:
Have full image backup from yesterday

All VPN users are impacted

Lots of errors in DCdiag - trying to capture all output and post
Lisaa_GAuthor Commented:
DCDIAG  output

Server  2008 is new server, has been in prod and working for some time but we have been unsuccessful at transferring all FSMO roles from SBS 2003 so it has stayed up and in production.

SBS2003 is currently showing lsass.exe error - Security accounts manager initialization failed because of the following error:  Directory Service cannot start.  Error Status )xc00002eq.  Please click ok to shutdown this system and reboot into Directory Services Restore Mode  

I also have a window on SBS2003 Saying the Active Directory is Rebuilding  Indices - please wait.
Lisaa_GAuthor Commented:
repaired NTDS.dit in recovery mode on SBS 2003 - we need to figure out how to successfully transfer FSMO roles to the new server and get this old box out of production!

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