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I'm after some advice. I have a customer whose current setup is as follows:-

SBS 2003 - DHCP hands out IPs on 192.168.0.x range
Watchguard firewall with Watchguard AP200's attached.
NetGear GS748TPS Switches

The Wi-Fi is centrally managed from the Watchguard firewall. 2 SSIDs exist - STAFF and STUDENTS. STUDENTS is open to anyone with the correct WPA/WPA2 key. STAFF also has a WPA/WPA2 key, but also has MAC address filtering in place.

Is it possible to configure the remainder of the wired network for MAC address filtering so that if the MAC address is on an allowed list, it's get's its IP from the SBS server, and if it's NOT on the allowed list, it get's its IP from the Watchguard Firewall (or at least is denied access to the main network)?

If so, I'd like some instruction on how to configure this.

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Basically no.

You can filter MACs with DHCP server though, there is a block list. This way clients would get no DHCP lease at least.

But if you just set a static IP then you will be inside the network.

IMHO, the whole MAC address filtering is pointless anyway, back from the time WEP was considered save. It can be very easily circumvented if someone wants to do this.

If you want security on your swich level, there is no way around IEEE802.1x . This way you can route clients which do not authenticate inside an isolated VLAN.

This would incorporate setting up a RADIUS server on SBS2003 and configure them on your wireless access poits and some switch ports witch you want to protect. Quite easy.

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