ASPUploader Resizing


We have a file uploader for asp which works great.  However, I want to resize the images rather than just warning them that they've reached their limit, is this possible?

Code attached.

<form id="form1" method="POST">
					Dim uploader
					Set uploader = new AspUploader
					uploader.MaxSizeKB = 51200 'WAS 102400 - REDUCED IT BY HALF AS A TEST AS PER DOT 29/08/2013
					uploader.Name = "myuploader"
					uploader.SaveDirectory = Request.QueryString("Table") & "/" & Request.QueryString("SubID")
					uploader.AllowedFileExtensions = "*.jpg,*.png,*.gif,"
					uploader.InsertText = "Click to Select Files"
					uploader.MultipleFilesUpload = true
                <%=uploader.GetString() %>

				'Add filenames to database...
					'Reset filestore records...
						strSQL = "DELETE FROM [" & Request.QueryString("Table") & "] WHERE [SubID] = " & Request.QueryString("SubID") & ";"			
						objRS.Open strSQL, objConn
					'Now add back all records in folder...

						Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
						Set f = fso.GetFolder(appFileStore & Request.QueryString("Table") & "\" & Request.QueryString("SubID"))
						Set fc = f.Files
						For Each f1 in fc
							strFileName = Right(f1, Len(f1) - InstrRev(f1, "\"))
							If Len(Request.QueryString("Type")) > 0 Then
								strSQL = "INSERT INTO [" & Request.QueryString("Table") & "] ([File Name], [Description], [Type], [SubID], [Added By]) "
								strSQL = strSQL & "SELECT '" & strFileName & "', '" & strFileName & "','" & Request.QueryString("Type") & "', "
								strSQL = strSQL & Request.QueryString("SubID")  & ", '" & Session("UserName") & "';"
								strSQL = "INSERT INTO [" & Request.QueryString("Table") & "] ([File Name], [Description], [SubID], [Added By]) "
								strSQL = strSQL & "SELECT '" & strFileName & "', '" & strFileName & "', " & Request.QueryString("SubID")  & ", '"
								strSQL = strSQL & Session("UserName") & "';"
							End If
							objRS.Open strSQL, objConn
						Set fso = Nothing
				If Request.Form("myuploader")&""<>"" Then
					list = Split(Request.Form("myuploader"),"/")
					For i = 0 To Ubound(list)
				End If

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
If you want to resize, you need another program.  Persists also makes aspJpeg  On my server I use

Another option is you can create a little web service using php and have php do the resize.  

It would work something like
1) aspupload sends image to server stores image name and location to a cookie or database.

2) your own asp code calls the page in php and through a post or get.  The php will resize.

If you can do it all in asp, it would be easier.  Otherwise, you need to pay for another component or use imagemagick (open source) or php.

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