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Small Office Network

My company needs to set up a small network that will allow us to remote into our pc's to check on testing that is being done. It will only have about 10-15 computers connected.

I need some advice on what hardware I should buy?

We plan to install Windows Server 2012. We have a Comcast business account and currently use a NetGear PROSAFE 24-PORT GIGABIT ETHERNET SWITCH (if it matters).

Do you think a rack mount server would be necessary? Or would a tower work fine?
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It depends on the company's future expectations (sure, everyone wants to become BIG!).

If you expect a growth buy a rack. If you expect it will remain unchanged (10-15 PCs/Users) a Tower is enough. Don't forget the UPS!
witnikayAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions on processor. I think i'm going to go for a tower from Lenovo. They have lots of options.

Core i3-3220 55W Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz 3MB 2C LGA

Ci3-3210 ( 3.2GHz / 2C / 3M / 55w /1GT/1333&1600 )

Ci3-3225 3.3GHz /2C/3M /55w/2GT/1333&1600

Core i3-3240 55W Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz 3MB 2C LGA

Intel Xeon E31220V2 Processor (3.1GHz 1333MHz 8MB 4C)

Intel Xeon E31230V2 Processor (3.3GHz 1333MHz 8MB 4C)-

Intel Xeon E31240V2 Processor (3.4GHz 1333MHz 8MB 4C)

Intel Xeon E31270V2 Processor (3.4GHz 1333MHz 8MB 4C)

Intel Xeon E31280V2 Processor (3.4GHz 1333MHz 8MB 4C)
I would go Xeon as it is a true server chip.
If all you are doing is file and print,it should be OK.
Buy as much RAM as you can afford ,but unless you are running the enterprise version,it won't use above 32 gb.
Hardware RAID ,don't buy that fake software RAID crap or you will be sorry.
Hot swap drives are nice too.
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Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
You will need to make sure Terminal Services role is installed and configured properly if using a Server.

You cannot RDP more than a single session on any workstation O/S (without hacking the registry).

A Server O/S allows up to three RDP sessions for management purposes without requiring additional licensing.

For 10-15 people you will need to have the Server as a Terminal Server role and also will need Client Access Licenses for each Terminal Server User to be in compliance.

Licensing Requirements for Terminal Server:
1) A standard MS User CAL for each User (if on a Domain)
2) A RDP USER CAL for each User
3) A Server license for the actual Server O/S
4) Licensing for each application the Users will access during their session. IE/ Office License for each User, if concurrent logins.

You could however use those same 15 desktops and allow each User to RDP into a specific, assigned machine and not need to buy a Server or licensing.
witnikayAuthor Commented:
I could use RDP without a server? How do I go about that?
Dear. can can manage by easily . as you need .just your requirement remote connection    (1) you need sever not a problem is a tower or rack mount
(2) you need switch  
(3) you need internet then you need Router  they have lot of type  
(4) patch panel for cabling /and cable layout
(5) if you take the remote from the site then you need software/ public IP
if you need if guidelines please ask then use  same patron  expert exchange  thanks
witnikayAuthor Commented:
Provided the most options.
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