Error sending Unix command from Batch file over plink (asterisk issue)

Im having trouble sendin the next command over plink from a batch file, its an asterisk issue.

I can execute it directly with putty or winscp command mode obtaining the result i need, however since i need to handle the output filename i need to call it from a batch file and im getting an error.

This is the command i have on the batch file (it returns the file name i need) that should write the filename in a given txt file (filename_here.txt)

plink -P 22 -l username -pw password machine.extension "ls -alrt C*.TXT | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}'" >> filename_here.txt 2>&1

The output should be


however this is whats written in my txt file:

C*.TXT: No such file or directory
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"plink" puts you into the home directory of the user "username" at the target server.

 Are you sure that a matching file exists in that directory? Please remember that "ls -alrt" does not recurse into subdirectories.

Better "cd" to the directory where you're hoping to find the file first, like:

plink  -l username -pw password machine.extension "cd /my/path; ls -alrt C*.TXT | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}'" >> filename_here.txt 2>&1

Please note that I omitted "-P 22" because it's redundant. "22" is the default.

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celticianAuthor Commented:
If i dont type in -p 22 the connection is not working, i dont know why, but i just know that by inputing 22 it works :)

I tried your suggestion and now its working, it wasn't looking in the directry i wanted.

Strange, do you know why is not entering directly that directory? just as a follow up, since your answer is correct :)

thank you!
plink does not enter the directory in question because it's not the "home" directory of "username".

Thx for the points!
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