Teamviewer vs. UltraVNC

Hi All,

I have to create a decision memo and I would like to know advantages and disadvantages
between these two application from the point of view of security, handling, maintaining and support.

Pro and contras would be fine.


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pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used both.

UltraVNC can be set up as a process that is always running. In this mode it can be connected to at any time and does not require human intervention. This can be both a Pro and a Con. It sometimes can be a little slow. It can also be set up so that you have to start it when someone needs to connect. This is the way we have used it however you have to remember to close it when done. That doesn't always happen.

I like Teamviewer since it can be used without actually installing a program. It is usually started by the support person. I live in the US and have supported friends as far away as Germany and it usually is just like being in front of their computer.

In both cases my experience is that whatever the support person is doing shows on the monitor at the other end.  

If you are after a way to offer support to end users and cost is not the deciding issue then either product will work or you can look at other comercial products like LogMeIn or Baumgar (spelling?)

If you are looking at unattended remote control then UltraVNC or one of the comercial products are probably your best choice.

If you are looking for occasional remote support and don't want to spend money then I would go with TeamView.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only real advantage of UltraVNC is that it is free. To set it up securely you also need to setup SSH, and you need to forward ports so you can pass through firewalls, and if you have many PC's to control that can get complicated. You can't transfer files.

Teamviewer on the other hand can transfer files, you don't need to do any port forwarding (you don't need to touch the firewall at all, unless a policy is in place that specifically blocks the teamviewer). It is secure without additional work.

But of course it isn't free, at least not for business use.

Good to know.  I have not used teamviewer in a non personal setting so didn't look at the cost.

On the other hand, UltraVNC does actually allow you to transfer files.


Ultr@VNC features an embedded File Transfer with intuitive Graphical User Interface allowing for easy file copy between local and remote computers.
insi01Author Commented:
Hm,Thanks so far, but are there not more pro and con? What about the client management, recording sessions and so on?

Can I have more than 1 simultaneous sessions at same time?

CLient management is also simpler on teamviewer.

What do you mean with "simultaneous sessions"?

If you want to connect to the same PC more than once, then that doesn't work. It wouldn't make much sense anyway, as every user is logged into the same desktop and they would be interfering with each other. Apart from that this would be a violation of the m$ desktop OS license, which restricts it's use to one user at a time.

If you mean you want to connect to different remote PC's at the same time, then that is possible with teamviewer. If it is possible with VNC I'm not sure, but I guess it is too.
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