ASA 5515x Policy Based Routing

I am replacing a Pix 515 with an ASA 5515X. At the same time I would like to consolidate 2 internet connections into this device  but not for redundancy or load balancing purposes. What I would like to do is to route to one or the other based on source and destination address. So basically I would need an Outside1 ad Outside 2, make the Outside 1 the default and only use Outside 2 if the traffic is coming from host a.b.c.d going to destination w.x.y.z

Is this possible?

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Yes and no. There is no actual PBR feature on the ASA's, but if your nat statements are specific to the source and specific to the outgoing interface you will be able to have policy routing via NAT. All things depending this config might be simple, or it could be super tedious. You will also need to make sure you have route statements specific to the interfaces for this to work as well.
If, for example, you have a group of sources and they should always use outside1, and a group of sources that should always use outside2, then the config isn't too bad. However, if you want source A to use outside1 when going to destination but use outside2 when going to then the configuration can get much more involved and lengthy.

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