Configure initiator on RHEL 5.9 to MD3200 DELL

Hello Expert's,

Can anyone please help me configuring rhel5.9 to setup for remote LUN on DELL md3200 .

I have already configured LUN on md3200 storage and connected my rhel5.9 server to its controller through sas cable's .

I need help now to configure my rhel5.9 to mount this lun (1.8tb)

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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Hello  jasmanes,

I assume you want to format the LUN and then mount it somewhere; just plain file system and no LVM.

Important: Do you use dm-multipath? I think not, but make sure with:
$ multipath -ll

Open in new window

Should show nothing or an error. Otherwise the following will not work:

First, you have to find out the disk device. Unplug the SAS cable and plug it in again. Then:
$ dmesg |tail

Open in new window

You should see some messages concerning your device being connected. Looks like that (I used an MMC card, but it will be the same):
[22507.612699] mmc0: new high speed SDXC card at address e624
[22507.613082] mmcblk0: mmc0:e624 SU128 119 GiB 

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My block device would be mmcblk0, yours will be something wih sdX - the X will be a letter a-z combo. Always replace it with your device in the following commands.
Make sure you got the right device here. You can also use lsscsi if you have it installed:
$ lsscsi
[0:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      INTEL SSDSC2CW24 400i  /dev/sda

Open in new window

This is from my notebook, but you should see DELL MD3200 there.

Now partition the device:
$ parted /dev/sdX
(parted) mklabel gpt
(parted) mkpart primary
(parted) quit

Open in new window

Set the start to 1, the end to 100% and accept the file system ext2 there (does not create the file system actually)
Now format the disk:
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX1 -L <name of file system goes here>

Open in new window

Wait until this is done, can take quite a while for 1.8T.

Next, mount your new disk. This can be anywhere you like and you can name the folder whatever you want. Lets make a new directory in /mnt for this:
mkdir /mnt/md3200
mount /dev/sdX1 /mnt/md3200

Open in new window

Now copy something there and test it.

To make it persistant acros boots you need to put this in /etc/fstab:
$ echo /dev/sdX1 /mnt/md3200 ext4 defaults 0 0 >> /etc/fstab

Open in new window

To verify it works, to this:
$ umount /dev/sdX1
$ mount  /mnt/md3200
$ df -h

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The last command should show you your disk device mounted with a lot of free space.

If you want LVM, get back to me.
jasmanesAuthor Commented:
Hi Helgee,

I got four R710 same config server's . I have already setup two server's and Lun on SAN has been initialize though lvm on rhel 5.9,it working fine.
Basically when i setup one server,i attach the sas cable's and then associate the new got identifies with the LUN .Reboot the R710 and it will find automatically LUN on SAN.

Now i got stuck with the two rest server's . I did mistake that i attached all the cable to the SAN and now i cannot figure it out that which identifier belong to which server .Even if i remove the cable's from the SAN. It still show me the configured identifiers .

Do you know how i can figure it out that which idn belongs to which server or how i can remove the detected idn on the SAN and let it detect again when i will plug in the cable?

Thanks in advance
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Ok, let me break this down:
- You did split your RAID enclosure into several LUNs
- You want to assign these LUNs to four servers, one each witch they will use exclusively
- Now you see all the LUNs on every server and you do not know witch one you already mounted, witch one is already in use by other servers.

If the above is correct to the following:
Switch on only one server or disconnect the others;
Use one server to format all LUNs. Use mkfs.ext4 -L to setup different labels for the LUNs, for instance srv01, srv02, ect.

Since all servers are able so see all LUNs they will also see the filesystem and it's label. You can now mount the disks by its label on every server, modify /etc/fstab:
LABEL=srv01     /mnt/md3200    ext4   defaults 0 0

Open in new window

Do this accordingly on the other servers

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