Sharepoint 2010Soap Connection Error

The sever admin gave me this url to use soap to connect to some data I need in sharepoint 2010.  i replaced teh servername with my sharpoint FQD.  I am using select so it should return the values and I can also select GetUserProfileByGUID or several other values that represent field.  The port defaults to what they set it o.


I get this error message. "The sever returned a non specific error when trying to get data from the datasource.  Check the format of your query and try again. If the problem perisist contact your administrator."

here is the code view when trying to view in web part.

                                          <SharePoint:SoapDataSource runat="server" id="SoapDataSource1" AuthType="None" WsdlPath="" SelectUrl="" SelectAction="" SelectPort="UserProfileServiceSoap" SelectServiceName="UserProfileService">
                                                <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
                                                <GetUserProfileByIndex xmlns="">
Can someone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it and if its' on my side or their side?
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Without anything from the log files, this part seems odd. Just a first guess.


Seems like you probably need an authentication method, usually windows auth if this is only supposed to be accessed within your domain. If this is some sort of publicly available soap service, then if they still need some sort of authentication, it would probably be basic auth. Maybe this article can help.

Also, you might need to actually use the server address given by the admin instead of replacing it with an fqdn. If this database is on a machine that can only be accessed by machine name, then you would need to use the machine name itself just like the admin gave you. Here's some more info

In the example there, it just uses the server name just like the admin gave you. Plus this gives you a comprehensive list of things to set and check. Hope it helps.

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