DNS seting for Oki mc861


can anyone tell me where to find the DNS network settings on Oki 861?

There is no DNS parameter to setup inside the TCP/IP screen.

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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alternatively, you could give it a reserved address in your DHCP scope.
Then it would get DNS populated automatically.
insi01Author Commented:
Hi, yes we gave read these manuals, but
do it over the control panel of the machine and we cannot see any dns field inside the TCP/IP v4 section. Only ip, subnet mask and gateway is visible there...

You may have to use the web interface.
Open a web browser, enter the IP address in the address bar, and you will see the web interface.
To change DNS, you will probably have to login as admin

The username is:


the default password is aaaaaa
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