Pros & Cons of relocating W7 ProgramData folder?

I keep my data on a partition other than the system partition.
The W7 ProgramData resides on the system partition.
I use partition imaging technology to restore prior versions of my system partition at times.

I image my system partition (C:) on 12/31/2012
On 8/30/2013, I restore my system partition using the 12/31/2012 image
My Data partition (D:) remains unaffected
The W7 ProgramData folder on C: is now as it was on 12/31/2012

Doing so restores ProgramData that MAY have been relevant to my actual data, so I am concerned that this could present a problem.

For example: it appears to me that some programmers store ProgramData that is specific to actual data on my Data partition (D:).  e.g. Connected Backup creates an Email Backup Optimization folder that I believe contains metadata concerning my data.  Upon restoring my system partition, this metadata is old and now inaccurate/incomplete with respect to my actual data.  So it seems to me that such data-related-metadata belongs on my data partition...?

Would appreciate some guru thoughts on this matter re: Pros & Cons of relocating W7 ProgramData folder

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Programdata folder is placed, normally, on the same partition as Windows and programs.

Are you sure your programdata folder on the d: partition is being used?
I think it varies from program to program, but my impression is that ProgramData is more tied to the programs themselves than to the data.  So I think you would be in more trouble if the info in ProgramData didn't match up with the program itself in Program Files (say for example if a program had been updated).
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your posts.

Anyone else?

>> Are you sure your programdata folder on the d: partition is being used?
sorry if I was unclear; ProgramData is on C:
i would look into the programs used -where they store exactly their program data, and data.
Only then your answer can be questioned - or the other way round..

i fear there is no clear -or general valid answer

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