Raspberry pi/Raspbian - CONCEPT: what do I need to create a client bridge


I have a raspberry pi, a wipi wifi dongle, an old HP Network printer and raspbian installed.  

I want to create a CLIENT BRIDGE. The pi will be connected on the enterprise wifi network and the printer will be connected with a cable to the pi. 

I have 3 weeks of testing done while looking at all the tutorials available on the web with no luck. Since I'm a windows guy (13 years as a network admin) I'm going back to the basics. What do I need in linux (application) to achieve this?

My ideal setup would be:
- printer on the same subnet as the wifi (no dhcp done by the pi)
- printer with a static ip

What I know so far:
- I know that I'm able to connect to my wifi with the wipi dongle
- I know that the dongle is able to be configured in AP mode

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
For printing you need CUPS and you might need hplip to access the the hp printer the right way.

PhysimedAuthor Commented:
I will use my windows print server for printing once the bridge will be running.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
CUPS is a print spooler that will accept jobs and then execute them to the printer.
hplip can make contact with printers that require a special protocol. (so called winprinters).
If it isn't a winprinter a portforward might be all you need.
(Winprinter borrow the rendering engine on the system connecting to them for formatting pages, effectively they can only copy a special bit image to the paper. f.e. the HP 2600N)
Otherwise you just need a portforward have a port on the raspberry PI (f.e. port tcp 9100 forward to 9100 on the printer).
PhysimedAuthor Commented:

At the moment I'm only concerned about the client bridge. Not abut the printing part.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
From this: "What I know so far:
- I know that I'm able to connect to my wifi with the wipi dongle
- I know that the dongle is able to be configured in AP mode"

I inferred that you had already created a wifi connection....

Here is an exact example:

(some references to the past)...

Here is a link... before you try, read the last section of the post first.
early linux 2.6 did allow anything, current versions ONLY bridge in AP mode.

Another help:

Also the basics work with wep mode or open mode. For WPA you need hostapd.

Above examples describe debian & ubuntu which is debian derived.
So config apply asfar format is concerned, naming might vary.

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