How to disable active sync on Exchange 2012 for a user

Is there a setting or a script or a technique that I could use to disable active sync for an Exchange 2010 user or database of users?  

I have all the users who should use active sync assigned to a specify active sync policy. Everyone else is using the default active sync policy but I can't find a policy setting that block e-mail to phones using that policy.

I don't want to retrieve the device id for each phone and assign it to a specific user at this time. I hope that is not the only way to do this.
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Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
you can go into their Mailbox properties on the Exchange Server and disable ActiveSync.

1) Open Exchange Management Console
2) Expand 'Microsoft Exchange On-Premises'
3) Expand 'Recipient Configuration'
4) Click 'Mailbox'
5) Right-Click the User mailbox you wish to disable ActiveSync for and select 'Properties'
6) Select the 'Mailbox Features' tab.
7) Select 'ActiveSync' and choose 'Disable'

This will disable ActiveSync for those Users. I do not know the PowerShell script to do this for multiple Users.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I haven't found anything that will disable it for everyone that has the default policy.
The closest I can get is this:

It shouldn't be too difficult to modify the script to query the value of ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy from get-casmailbox which equals true and disable it.

Also remember that you will need to re-run whatever command that you use for new users.

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