guest routing with cisco 2821

This is probably really simple but I still need a little help
I have a 2821 router with 2 Gig ports a Fast Ethernet card and a 4 port switch module.
Port configuration
Gig 0/0 = 10.10.x.y (LAN)
Gig 0/1.1 = 172.29.x.y ( WAN / MPLS Connection)
FastEthernet 0/3/1 = – connected to cisco access point. on seperate vlan 40
Fast Eth 0/2/0 = 216.167.x.y
Users currently access the internet via the FE 0/2/0 port and obviously the LAN on G0/0
What I need is to be able to route guest access to the internet across the 192.168 subnet and keep them off the LAN - company policy is to allow vistors unrestricted access to the internet so firewall (on that side) is not an issue.
Do I need a second IP address to do this?
Is it done with access rules and such?  if so an outline or link to documentation / suggetions is all I need.
MPontoNetwrok AdminAsked:
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Craig BeckCommented:
You can use ACLs - that's the easiest way to do it.

You'll need one ACL which is applied to the FastEthernet0/3/1 interface.  You could also use this ACL for a NAT statement to allow internet access via FastEthernet0/2/0.

Something like...

ip access-list extended GuestAccess
 deny ip any
 deny ip any
 permit ip any
interface FastEthernet0/2/0
 ip nat outside
interface FastEthernet0/3/1
 access-class GuestAccess in
 ip nat inside
ip nat inside source list GuestAccess interface FastEthernet0/2/0 overload

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MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
Tried this and it worked fine - sort of.
Guest users were able to access the internet but, it prevented internal users from accessing the internet.
i am looking at who to redo the access list and will post if someone doesn't beat me to it.
MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
once I adjusted the access-list to meet my router config it worked fine - good work
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