How can I determine # of monitors and the resolution of each?

When exiting my program, I write the form's position (X, Y) (i.e. LEFT, TOP) to the registry, and read it when my form starts up next. A problem recently occurred in that if I change screen resolution between, opening the small form at its last position may be entirely "off screen" and hence opens it minimized (form does maximize - so it can't be placed in a viewable position).

So I need to make an adjustment or two (recommendations appreciated), but I need to know  if the (X, Y) stored falls inside the monitor(s') resolution(s).

TIA - Ed
Ed CovneyRetiredAsked:
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To get the number of monitors:

Use "Screen.MonitorCount"    e.g. showmessage(inttostr(Screen.MonitorCount));

And to get the resolution of each monitor, use Width and height:
Screen.Monitors[0].Width  // 0 is the first monitor

My suggestion is to make a proportional adjustment to your form based on the resolution (if using the Anchor property is not sufficient).
For instance, if the Width x Height is 800x600 but your application default size is set to view 1366x768 then make proportional adjustment by altering the form and/or controls accordingly.

You may read this useful link.

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Ed CovneyRetiredAuthor Commented:
jimyX -

Thank you - This is exactly what I was hoping for !!
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