FTP transfers from VMS to Windows are abnormally slow and holding up data conversion

I am doing a data conversion from VMS to Windows.  I know a little about VMS the VMS command line but not much.  I have an IT background.  I am having this problem on several different VMS servers where I am trying to move GBs of data off it during close of business so I can convert it after hours and have them up on Windows Monday morning.

FTP transfers are exceptionally slow at several of the  sites ( like 1 MB every 10 min)  I don't think this is due to anything external to the VMS like switches or cabling as we have swapped this all out.

I have the same probem using ftp client or ftp in DOS.  I have an FTP server on the VMS and on Windows and while it seems to be a little faster to push the data to the windows server its not that much faster.  

How do I speed up FTP speeds as this is a huge problem for us and holding up several large projects?
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jmcmillan227Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry neither of these options were effective in solving the problem and I haven't received an an answer from 11 days ago so we just had to suffer through slow speeds.
How about mirroring a port on the switch and getting a network trace to see what is happening on the wire?  That may give a clue to what is happening...

If both the client and server software support it you can increase FTP throughput with MODE Z compression.  

Off Topic:  When transferring from VMS to Windows you will sometimes hit a filename that contains a character that is valid on VMS but not valid in Windows.  This seems to happen on files with multiple revisions.
jmcmillan227Author Commented:
Its not a Cisco switch but I will see if port mirroring is an option and post the results.

As for MODE Z for ftp transfers, how exactly do I invoke this?  Is this a setting I specify at transfer time or is it a system setting?
jmcmillan227Author Commented:
It has been 11 days and no one was able to shed any light on this issue.  My solution is the best one available.
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