New to TFS Again

I had worked with TFS from about 2005 -2008. Was away from it for a couple of years and am now getting back into it. I need to be able to wrap my head around the Team build process as it looks to have changed quite a bit from the last time I dealt with it. The build team scripts were once invoked purely with predefined tasks that were called out by MSBuild.

however in 2012 the build process templates look pretty different. (using xaml it looks like) Can anybody point me to a good resource to help me understand whats going on with TFS team build 2012 and more specifically how do I customize the team build process. Again, I understand the basics of team build and what it is at a high level. But I'm trying to understand how to write custom tasks for my 2012 builds.
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Kamal KhaleefaConnect With a Mentor Information Security SpecialistCommented:
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