Would like to setup a RASBERRY PI so I can SSH in to it behind a firewall

I would like to setup a RASBERRY PI to be able to log (SSH) into it behind a firewall. Is there a way to setup some type of portal, reverse ssh so that all I have to do is plug the rasbery pi into the network and have access to it through some portal.
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Not with zero knowledge about the network you are in.

You can try using a VPN tunnel if the firewall on the location where you are allows the VPN packets a free pass out.
The VPN connects to your portal.
georgopanosAuthor Commented:
let me be a bit more specific, I want something where I can plug in to a network not have to touch their router to open ports allow the rasberry pi to boot and connect to an outside location which I can use to tunnel back into the network to be able to service different things. Kind of like a reverse SSH

Plug in
auto boot
auto connect and create a tunnel that is always availible for me. Kind of like Team viewer
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Well depends on the tunnel technique used...

ssh requires port 22 , so needs to have port 22 open on the firewall wether you like it or not.
if the firewall provides transparent access over port 12345 for some reason you  can use that.

openvpn software provides everything you need to build a tunnel after booting.
otoh, you may need pingtunnel, httptunnel, to priovide a path through a firewall.
I know teamviewer, and openvpn from the raspberry pi to a system under your control somewhere else will provide that access.
And you will need some script to scan all kinds of possibilities that a firewall on the network where you want to plug in leaves open for you.

There is NO magick bullet.
Even a tool like teamviewer needs such tricks... of skype for that matter.

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