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Where Are Date/time Fields In Linked Outlook Calendar Table?

I am building a database that will help schedule appointments for a business. Outlook is great for the calendar/schedule part. But, I need to connect the appointments with a customer listing and billing information to create financials. I can build all this in Access. I am able to link to the Calendar table in Outlook and am able to view all of the appointments. The problem is that I don't see any fields for the (1) date of the appointment, the (2) start time of the appointment, or the (3) end time of the appointment in the linked table? The only fields I see are listed below. Can someone give me a clue as to where I can find the date/time info for these appointments so I can use it in Access? I read in a post I found that the standard linking of this table from Outlook to Access may not show all fields. Do I need to use VBA to pull them out? Thanks!

Message to Me
Message CC to Me
Sender Name
Message Size
Subject Prefix
Has Attachments
Normalized Subject
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2 Solutions
Chris BottomleyCommented:
Start is the property for the start date and time
JohnMc0620Author Commented:
There is no field listed in the table called "Start".  All the fields I am able to see are listed in the original question.  Can you explain a little more please?  Thank you!
Chris BottomleyCommented:
For an appointmentitem the properties ARE start and duration.

If your table does not have these then they have not been saved OR you are not looking at an appointmentItem in outlook.

The properties referred to have more in common with an mailItem than an appointmentItem but without checking every possible property I could't swear you are referring to a mailItem.  See for example:






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JohnMc0620Author Commented:
Hi Chris,

I am certainly not disputing your statement about the Start and Duration fields.  And, with the links you've provided, I would completely agree with you.  All I was trying to explain was that I followed Microsoft's procedure on how to link to the calendar table so I could use it in Access I did not see these fields in the resulting linked table and was asking if there was any way to reveal them.  I agree that the fields look more like a message item than a calendar item.  As I've done more research, it seems this is documented in several forums explaining my issue.  I've seen comments stating that a method known as Office Automation needs to be used to expose these fields and be able to work with them.  Do you, or anyone else, have any experience with this?  Thank you for all your comments!
Chris BottomleyCommented:
Using 'basic' vba you can connect to outlook and access any properties ... at the root of reentrant access is an awareness of the 'identity' of an outlook item.  Outlook provides an id that is generally used to give that visibility as the entryID.  Assuming you know or save the entryid then you can access a specific item any time you like and change the properties.

Let me move pc's and i'll provide an example

Chris BottomleyCommented:
For example you first need to identify an appointment of interest so ...

1. Open up outlook and ensure all mails etc are closed.
2. Open up any appointment item you are3 interested in
3. Switch to access and run the following code from there:

Sub getOLKObject()
Dim olkApp As Object
Dim olkApptItem As Object
Dim strID As String

    Set olkApp = GetObject(, "outlook.application")
    strID = olkApp.activeinspector.currentitem.entryid
    Set olkApptItem = olkApp.session.getitemfromid(strID)
    MsgBox olkApptItem.Start
'    MsgBox olkApptItem.duration

End Sub

Open in new window

Note you need to lock onto precise entries and this is one way ... the easiest way (my opinion) being using entryid's but other possibilities exist so this is a demonstration of how you can view the outlook appointment olkitems from access.  Once you can view them ... you can of course change them!

JohnMc0620Author Commented:

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your solution.  By giving me the means to expose the EntryID of an Outlook Calendar Item, and providing me the link to the MSDN article defining all the possible attributes of an appointment item for Outlook, you've provided me with more than I could have ever dreamed of to be able to manipulate Outlook calendar items from Access!  This is a wealth of knowledge, and I am grateful to you for sharing!  Thanks!
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