Google Apps: Moderators Spam Report

Okay all - here's a tough-y

I've scoured the internet for so many hours, and I've gotten the same answer no matter where I looked. "Can't fix it". But I know you all can do better than that, so "Please Experts-Exchange, you're my only hope".

I run a Google Apps for Education domain. We've got a TON of e-mail distribution lists that, up until 6-8 months ago, worked just fine. We've got ones for faculty, staff, students, and parents (the latter containing all off-domain e-mail addresses).

Around 6-8 months ago, Owners/Managers of the group started receiving a ton of 'Moderator Spam Reports'. You go in and you approve/deny "Spam" messages. Great! Google catches spam, they do it well, we all know this.

The problem is, they've started capturing a LOT of my internal e-mails. Important stuff that needs to go out but gets caught and we don't get notified for 3 days (that's how often the moderator report goes out).

I thought at first messages to our parents were the only ones being captured, but it's happening to mails sent to internal addresses only.

All members of the group have posting ability. Without moderator approval.
I've had frequent "offenders" change their password (I don't know why that would matter, but I thought it might?)

The only options I can see are to:
Send them to the moderation queue and send notification to moderators (this is what we've got)
Send them to the moderation queue, but do not send notification to moderators
Immediately reject them
Skip the moderation queue and post to the group

I'm almost tempted to pick the last - but we've got a few groups that get legitimate spam messages, and I can't have them going to my users.

Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you've found a workaround. Any work around. Anything Google or you have done to fix this?
I'm in the process of getting my ass chewed out for this....

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Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
First off, make sure your SPF record is complete and correct.

Next, make sure that messages do not include shortened/tiny URLs (even in footers), as these can trigger spam flags.

Also, check the Posting Permissions to ensure that you are not blocking a type of activity you want users to be able to do.

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SJATechsupportAuthor Commented:
Changed my SPF records - we'll see how it goes!
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