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windows lock screen

I normally have this feature at work where if the PC is idle for 5 minutes to lock itself and resume at log-on.. each time I have to enter my long password and its getting annoying.. I am wondering if there is something that I can use on Windows 8 that instead of taking me to the login screen to show me the desktop and I have one click in a specific location to unlock it, if I dont click in the right place then take me to enter my password.. is there anything like this out there?
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In my honest opinion I have never heard of anything like that. :)
True, in Windows 8 you have picture logins. In a company these might be considered unsafe and be disabled by GPO.
Windows 7 does not even have that.

Ask your company for a fingerprint reader or a smart card. This way you only would have do swipe your finger or insert the smart card and enter a PIN.

If this is your home PC, here are instructions to enable picture passwords in Windows 8
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there is no sensitivity data what so ever I just don't like people browsing on my computer when they can use theirs.. anyways I hope there is a simple app for windows that can do what im looking for..
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It should be noted that picture logins only work for work grouped computers, not on domains.