Javascript regex. Split string into 4 parts.


In javascript I have the following variable:
bounds = "((-37.79235294704733, 144.93249893188477), (-37.78875959854708, 144.93704577956873))"

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I need to split each number into its own variable. ie:
a= -37.79235294704733
b= 144.93249893188477
c= -37.78875959854708
d= 144.93704577956873

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How can I do this in Javascript? Is this a job for regex?

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RobConnect With a Mentor Owner (Aidellio)Commented:
I used a bit of regex but it just saves a few lines:

var bounds = "((-37.79235294704733, 144.93249893188477), (-37.78875959854708, 144.93704577956873))";

var newbounds = bounds.replace(/[\(\) ]+/g,"")
var myarray = newbounds.split(',');

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If you were to output the myarray variable:

["-37.79235294704733", "144.93249893188477", "-37.78875959854708", "144.93704577956873"]

in other words you can get each value as myarray[0], myarray[1], myarray[2], myarray[3]

a basic test here:
mhdiAuthor Commented:
Perfect. Thankyou
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