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Hi, I would like to move my companies data currently shared on a windows file server to the cloud but am having trouble finding the right solution. I don't think our needs are in any way unusual. We need the following...
Good search facility
Ability to map drive
Data held in UK
Access speeds acceptable
Can handle all file types
UK phone support
Accessible via iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows
User level security
Has anyone found a provider that does the above? If so recommendations would be gratefully received!
many thanks
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you can go for business solution of sugarsync

a nice comparison of sugarsync with other services is shown here
Why not host it yourself, with ownCloud? It's basically an open source version of DropBox.

Has iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux clients and all it needs to run is MySQL and PHP, so it can basically run on any LAMP stack you have, or otherwise on a shared / low cost hosting provider. If you have your own server  - stick it on that and you're done.

You control the users, the permissions, the data, etc, etc. And it works very, very well. Does everything DropBox, SkyDrive, SugarSync etc does - and it's free (other than whatever hosting arrangement you require costs).

install notes:

And clients for Windows, etc:

Search the iTunes or Play Stores for the iOS and Android versions.

It's ridiculously easy to set up, too - you don't need much knowledge of Linux or Apache or anything like that - just follow the prompts in the web installer. You can set your own quotas, file permissions, user ACL, group permissions, etc. and share out folders to various users.

It has a full client for all major OSes, so users just save files to their sync folders and the syncing is automatic (same as drop box, etc).

Best thing about hosting it internally is that if everyone is in the same office, the data all travels in the LAN, instead of over the internet.

If you use Dropbox, SugarSync, etc and the two users are sitting next to each other in the same office, data will go from user a -> internet -> sugarsync -> internet -> user b and you'll wind up flooding your link and getting an astronomical data bill, so those kinds of products tend to lend themselves badly to an environment where lots of people are working geographically together.

With ownCloud, just make sure the internal DNS record for the server is the internal IP and this issue is avoided.

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activateahsdAuthor Commented:
good suggestions but not really what we are looking for.
probably go with rackspace or box - we must have UK phone support (or if US then covering UK hours). Also the search functionality must be good.
thanks for your ideas though.
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