Assiging value in VB.Net, web services

Hi Experts.  I created the service reference from the wdsl site.  The part that covers the username and password is as follows:

    <System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("System.Xml", "4.0.30319.1015"),  _
     System.SerializableAttribute(),  _
     System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThroughAttribute(),  _
     System.ComponentModel.DesignerCategoryAttribute("code"),  _
     System.Xml.Serialization.XmlTypeAttribute([Namespace]:="")>  _
    Partial Public Class UsernameTokenType
        Inherits Object
        Implements System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged
        Private usernameField As AttributedString
        Private passwordField As AttributedString
        <System.Xml.Serialization.XmlElementAttribute(Order:=0)>  _
        Public Property Username() As AttributedString
                Return Me.usernameField
            End Get
                Me.usernameField = value
            End Set
        End Property

When I try and assign the username and password values using

 Dim Wsecurity As New Service1.SecurityType
 Wsecurity.Username.Value = "fred"

The compiler accepts this but I get the error

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Please can someone help where I'm going wrong.   Should I be assigning the username and password in the way or should I be referring to the submitted xml file where the username and password is also entered.    I also don't see how to refer the service to the applicable xml file though.

Many thanks in advance
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Username property is inside the class "UsernameTokenType" and i am not seeing that class is instantiated in your code...

Dim Wsecurity As New Service1.SecurityType
 Wsecurity.Username.Value = "fred"

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PNRTAuthor Commented:
Many Thanks for your reply.   I also tried

 Dim Tkn As New ServiceReference1.UsernameTokenType
 Tkn.Username.Value = "fred"
 Tkn.Password.Value = "freda"

This also compiled but also gave me the same error
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I also tried

Dim x As New ServiceReference1.UsernameTokenType With {.Username  =  "fred", .Password = "freda"}

intellisense was correct but but this will not compile with the error - value of type 'String' cannot be converted to 'WindowsApplication1.ServiceReference1.AttributedString'.

Many thanks for your help
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