How to remove empty spaces in Cells

I have a column about 80 cells long. Each cell contain just a single word. But there are some spaces before and after each word.

How can I remove the spaces in each cell, in excel 2013.
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byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a formula like:

ASCII character 160 is the non-breaking space, and is commonly found in data imported from the web or other computer systems. It is not removed by TRIM. The SUBSTITUTE function converts it to a regular space. The TRIM function then removes leading and trailing spaces.
You can alternatively use the Data...Text to Columns menu item.

1.  Select all 80 cells
2.  Open the Data...Text to Columns menu item
3.  Choose Delimited in the first step of the wizard
4.  Choose the Space character in the second step of the wizard. For extra measure, check the Other box too, then click in the field to its right and enter ALT + 0160 using the numeric keypad (not the numbers above QWERTY). Make sure the "Treat consecutive delimiters as one" box is checked.
5.  In the third step of the wizard, select any field that looks blank, and choose "Do not Import".  Click Finish.
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