Force users to change password after password reset.

I currently use the built in membership for my .net website from Visual Studios.  I use the password reset wizard, where it automatically resets your password and sends you a scrambled new password.  I have read many post on how to force users to change their password on the first log in, but I need to know how to direct them to changepassword.aspx page once they log in.
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Server side :
Shade22Author Commented:
Could you explain how it would know that the user just reset the password and to force the to redirect?  This would be going on the log in page, so it needs to determine if the password has just been reset in order to redirect.  I can't have them being force to change password every time.
I'm assuming you're changing the password on the server side  with some code (database update) so just after you put this code.
Shade22Author Commented:
They need to wait for any email with the temporary password.  There I would direct them back to the site, and when they log in with the temporary password on the log in screen it would direct them to the changepassword.aspx page.  If they didn't reset their password, the log in page would just bring them to their normal destination page.
The logic should remain the same as if you your doing change password on first login attempt.
You can try one of these ways:
1: In your reset email, you can provide them the link to a changepassword page.

2: On your Password Reset page, in the SendingMail event, you can set some DB field e.g. Set the member InActive like MembershipUser.InApprove=true or use the CommentField of MembershipUser.
Then on the Login Page you check if the user credentials are valid but user is not approved, redirect them to change password. After Changing password, set them to Active.

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