Security question

I have created a user at the site level using the AD group domain users. At the site level, this group is set to view only, and I am able to view the site homepage using any user within that domain group.

I created a new permission set at the site level called View and Add Only and gave it only the following permissions

Add Items
View Items
View Pages

I broke permission inheritance for a list. I set domain users to View and Add Only mentioned above. When I try to sign in as a user from domain users, I get an access denied while I can still log in to the site using that same user but I cannot see the list on the quick launch. When I click on the lists link in the quick launch, I can now see the list but if I click on it I still get access denied.

I signed back in as admin. I went to the list and then list permissions. I did a check user permissions and entered the same domain user that is getting access denied

It tells me
View and Add Only   Given through the "mydomain\domain users (my\domain users)" group.

So this user is translating into domain users and has the permissions for domain users.

So why can't this user sign into this list nor see it in the quick launch at the site level?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
you have been close but the most important permission is:
"View Application Pages"

Without the possibility to enumerate lists and view the dynamic form pages, the user will have no access.


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BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
Aha!! Ding ding ding. Makes perfect sense. Thanks again.
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