How to utilize additional SD card on Lenovo IdeaPad tablet?

The client has an IdeaPad 2107 tablet, and has already downloaded so many apps that he has run out of space on the 16GB 'hard drive' storage that came with it.  As he continues to download apps, it now says that it is out of space.  

I installed a 32GB SD card for him, and if I go into settings, I can 'see' the SD card, showing a few files and folders that I am not familiar with.  

But I need to understand how to utilize it, because I'm still getting errors saying that I do not have enough space if I try to download additional apps for them.  I have never seen an app give me a choice of where to install it or where to run it.

So....I need to understand how to benefit from this added SD card and quit running out of space.  TIA
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käµfm³d 👽Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's this model:

...then it looks like it caps off at 16 GB for supported SD card sizes. As I recall, that's usually the only time an SD card just won't show up:  when it's not supported by the device.
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