Best C# windows forms custom listview control you know?

Hi Experts,

I'm about to write a C# app and was considering buying a package that has a good tested control for list views and I'm not sure it's worth it.  Maybe there's also a good free one.  I'd like something that can build a complicated UI with list views (maybe separate out other columns that look like other tables, but scroll together as if they were the same table, etc)...  Any input appreciated!  :)

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ArgentiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mike!

To be honest, in my opinion, DevExpress has the most well-tested and the most complete pack of controls. They are versatile, with lots of functionality, they offer different skin (themes) support, they are adapted to many platforms (WinForms, ASP, Silverlight, Delphi...) and they offer good support for them.

You can take a look on their website.
threadyAuthor Commented:
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