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Bolding a field within a report text box in Access 2010

I need to insert into my report the field holding persons names and their addresses from a table  into the middle of some other verbiage within a text box.  I need just the name and address to be bolded but can't figure out how to do that without making everything in the text box be bold.  I turned the format of the text box to Rich text but wasn't sure where to go from there.  Any one have suggestions.
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Jeffrey Coachman

8/22/2022 - Mon
Joe Howard

Jeffrey Coachman

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Jeffrey Coachman

On second thought, try something like this:
Jeffrey Coachman

produces something like this:
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Awesome.  I didn't think to put my verbiage in fields.  My report looks more like this.

="On the 22nd of April, 2012," & " " & [The Name] & " " & [The Address] & " " & "in the county of Wyandotte......"

I will give this a try.  Looks very promising.
Jeffrey Coachman

Then give this a whirl...
(No extra fields needed in the table)

You could probably do this in VBA as well, but that might just complicate things beyond what you need here...

Have Fun!


Here is one problem I am having. My table is not letting me make certain fields bold and others not.  I have compared my properties with your and don't see anything different.  Could this be something in options?  Because mine didn't come through on report as bold.  

Also a little bit of wrapping problem of the text.  My verbiage is several paragraphs but I will play with that tomorrow.  Thanks for the help.
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Jeffrey Coachman

<My table is not letting me make certain fields bold and others not. >
That is not how memo field and rich text work... By default, you have to select the text characters individually, then make them bold, there is no easy way to make an entire column bold in one shot.

That is why they created rich text, so that you could format different characters differently in each record (in the same field.)

This is why I really don't like doing things like this...too much trouble...
Because then you have to do more jerking around if they then want some fields blue and others red, then some Italic, then some Bold and underlined, then some 20Pt,,Bold,Underlined, Italic and Purple...ect

To do what you are asking here (make the entire field Bold for both fields for all records), ...then do this...
Make all your fields "Text" datatype
Do something like this in a query:
SELECT ID, "<b>" & [TheName] & "</b>" AS BoldName, "<b>" & [TheAddress] & "</b>" AS BoldAddress
FROM YourTable;

This inserts the HTML Bold tags around the field.
Then make this query the source for the report
The do your concatenation in the report, but use a textbox with the Text format property set to "rich text"

see this third sample
(test it by adding more names and addresses to the table)


Ok so I think I have it.  Looks like I need to learn a little a bit of HTML and I will be set. I know SQL but not HTML.   Always something to learn.That is the other problem these will have to be local tables not linked SQL tables.  That's ok.   Realized part of my problem is the database this is in is still set to 2000 maybe why the other thing last night wasn't working.    Thank for your help - I am confident with this knowledge I can make this work.
Jeffrey Coachman

OK great...
keep me posted.


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