Simple way to throttle bandwidth to certain websites?

I have certain users who spend way too much time on non-work-related sites (such as Facebook).  Blocking those sites completely would raise thorny issues that I'd rather avoid.  My preference would be to implement some simple system -- preferably right on the client PC (running Windows 7) -- that would allow me to throttle bandwidth on a site-by-site basis.  If I make it sufficiently painful to view Facebook, or if YouTube videos keep buffering repeatedly, maybe people will eventually stop trying.

Yeah, I know you can probably do this by implementing QoS on the router, or setting up a proxy server, or some such thing, but I don't want to go that route.  I'm hoping for something that can be done locally, right on the Win-7 machine.

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Packet shaping systems are just what you need, but thorny issues are part of the realities of business. That's when you get into involving management and devising policies. Not all users will like you for that, but that is normal. As long as you involve the right parties and move forward properly, then you avoid a lot of problems. I deal with this stuff all the time.
chernavskyAuthor Commented:
I did some more Googling on my own, and I found a program called Net-Peeker that seems like it might work (I haven't had time to test it yet).

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chernavskyAuthor Commented:
The other two comments were not especially helpful in solving the problem. I solved it on my own.
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