Moving Wordpress Site For Friend

A friend asked me to move their wordpress site from their existing host to godaddy using their back-up files.  I am not sure what to actually put on the godaddy site and where.  I am attaching a view of the files themselves.  Any help would be much appreciated.

I do some web programming and I have a couple of sites but I have never used wordpress and I have never hosted a site with godaddy.

Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAsked:
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

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If that's too much, and it's a simple enough site, you could always just copy over the wp-content files to the new server after installing WP on GoDaddy.

Then, from the old WP site, go to the WP dashboard and go to tools/export, where you can export all posts, pages, menus, etc. I would do that anyway as a backup.

Then, on the new GD site, you can install WP, then copy over the wp-content files via FTP, then import the old WP content by going to the new WP dashboard and going to tools/import.

Simple as 1-2-3, and that way you can start with a fresh WP 3.6 install without having to copy over DBs from other providers, etc.

You'll have to turn on the plugins and theme you used previously, but other than that, it's a pretty straight forward process. Just keep track of what theme and plugins were used.
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
At the risk of looking dim, it looks like you are telling me to install WP on the GD site and copy the wp-content files twice (1st paragraph and thir paragraph).  I want to do this correctly for these folks so clarity is important.

After looking at the backup file they sent me, there is a ton of "stuff" there but what I am hearing is that all I really need to put on the new site is the wp-content stuff?

Thanks for working with me on this folks.  I look forward to your reply.
Try wp-twin it will backup and restore Wordpress sites easily.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
all I really need to put on the new site is the wp-content stuff?

Not quite.  WordPress sites have three basic components.

There are the core files which is what gets installed when you first deploy WordPress.  The core should never be modified so you can "move" the core simply by reinstalling Wordpress in a new location.  

You then have your themes, plugins and uploads.  This is the stuff found under the wp-content folder in the site.  This can be moved by simply copying the wp-content folder from one server to the other via FTP.

Finally, there is the site configuration and contents.  All of this is located in the MySQL database tables that Wordpress creates and populates as you manipulate the site.  Moving the databases is the trickiest part of the process.  My preference (reflected in my article) is to dump the database to text files and run some find and replace commands to modify paths and URLs.  This preserves the plugins, theme settings and other configurations.  BmilneSLO (good to see you, Brian!) describes a method that just moves the content (posts and pages) from one site to another.  You would have to reinstall and reconfigure themes and plugins if you do this bit it is simpler and faster.  Oconnork00 mentions a plugin that will automate the database export and import. I've not used that exact one but there are a bunch of plugins like this and they generally work.

Looking at the word file you posted, it looks like you dumped EVERYTHING from the old site...far more than you need to move just Wordpress.
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