Content Filter Trouble Exchange 2013

I recently setup a new Exchange 2013 Server and  would like to use the anti-spam content filter however I am struggling legitimate emails being tagged as SPAM.

Can someone share a working configuration with me ? Here are my settings below.

Name                                  : ContentFilterConfig
RejectionResponse                     : Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering.
OutlookEmailPostmarkValidationEnabled : True
BypassedRecipients                    : {}
QuarantineMailbox                     :
SCLRejectThreshold                    : 7
SCLRejectEnabled                      : False
SCLDeleteThreshold                    : 9
SCLDeleteEnabled                      : True
SCLQuarantineThreshold                : 6
SCLQuarantineEnabled                  : True
BypassedSenders                       : {}
BypassedSenderDomains                 : {}
Enabled                               : True
ExternalMailEnabled                   : True
InternalMailEnabled                   : False
AdminDisplayName                      :
ExchangeVersion                       : 0.1 (8.0.535.0)

At this time I have turned it off. Let me know if you need additional settings.
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s3e3Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was not aware of the organization -SCLJunkThreshold option. This was throwing me off, the default is too low at a value of 4. (email to junk email folder)

I set the above SCLJunk to 7 and the Quarantine to 8 for now in addition I temporarily turned off the delete.

I will monitor the SCL values of SPAM and adjust accordingly.
Muralidharan RAssociate ConsultantCommented:
if particular email domain/email address has marked spam, the you could use recipient and sender exceptions..

Also you could configure your own SCL values..

Hope the below link would help you..
s3e3Author Commented:
If I set the quarantine value as high as 8 and I still get icloud and gmail emails marked as SPAM. I don't understand why the SCL is so high for those legitimate domains.
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Muralidharan RAssociate ConsultantCommented:
you mean the SCL value?

The higher value would be considered as spam.

The SCL rating is a number between 0 and 9. A higher SCL rating indicates that a message is more likely to be spam.

you need to provide low SCL rating to those domains. so that those domains will not be SPAM.


After disabling the content filtering, still the emails you have mentioned goes to SPAM?
Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
This is content filtering.
Content filtering isn't really looking at the domain, it is looking at the content. If it is the same sources each time then it is probably something about their email content that is the problem.

Although the built in filters aren't completely foolproof. I see about 60/40 split where they are useful and where they have to be shut off so a third party tool can be used.

s3e3Author Commented:
I was looking for other org settings as per my comment
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