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Hey Everyone,

We have an account on

How do we download properties through their API?

We were able to download cities, zip codes, counties, and property types, but we are unable to determine how to download the actual properties.

Thanks for any assistance.

Travis Walters
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This something that is pretty niche.  You may not find an Expert on the site who is familiar with something that has very limited distribution.

However it appears to be a paid product, and they have a support link on their site, where will be able to find someone who knows something about the product.

If that fails, the you are going to have to give a lot more detail about the problem and what you are trying to do.

Kyle HamiltonData ScientistCommented:
I use idxbroker for one of my sites. I'm not sure what you mean by "downloading" properties.

You can have a look at this website:

In the top bar is where you can start a search. I've done my best to incorporate the idx part of the site into the overall site, so you have to click around a bit to get to the idx specific pages. But basically anything with the subdomain is idxbroker.

If there is a page there that does what you are looking for, I'd be happy to explain how it's done.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Did you try using the client property api?

It sounds like you were using the mls api to get the cities and zip codes
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ColdfusionAdminsAuthor Commented:
I have tried the client API with no success.

Featured returns only featured properties.

SoldPending returns properties that have been removed from the MLS data

Supplemental is suppose to return a basic set of information for all of the client's supplemental (non-MLS) properties. However, I get an empty string.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Are you sure those fields are available for your mls? and your broker has signed up to access idx info with their mls?
ColdfusionAdminsAuthor Commented:
The broker has signed up for MRIS IDX authorization and for Agent Operated IDX website.

However, I am not sure they have been processed yet.

I sent an email to for further support.

They probably wont get back to me until Tuesday though.

Hopefully, we will be able to figure it out. Thanks!
ColdfusionAdminsAuthor Commented:
I emailed their support team now that the labor day weekend is over.

In short, it is not possible to export ALL properties.

You can only export properties that you own or have sold.

Luke Walsh stated, "The system was designed so that you can build pages around the clients’ own listings, and have the option of customizing the CSS for any of the default Search, Results, and Details pages generated by IDX Broker."

Derek stated, "Just to piggyback on Luke’s reply and give some more specifics; I’m not sure about the finer points of our agreement with MRIS but in general MLSs do not allow us to send any property data to 3rd parties (with the exception of those properties that the client owns). While, in many cases, the client is technically able to have the listings on their site we have no way through the API to ensure that the listings would/could only be used on their approved site and that they would obey all the MLS’s display/design rules and refresh the data in a timely fashion (many MLSs have regs specific to how often data must be updated)."

I feel as if I were mislead into believing that it was possible by their advertising:

Hopefully, this solution will help someone else trying to export their properties.

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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistCommented:
i remember now - to get access to the raw data you have to become a "preferred vendor" of your mls. the fee for which is no less than $2000. or at least thats what it was several years ago for our mls when we first built our realestate site and ended up using idx broker, since it is the most "customizable" solution short of the above.  good luck with it :)
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
That's why I asked if your broker had signed up.   When I worked on an mls site, there were 2 choices for displaying listings, a VOW (Virtual Office Website) or IDX.   Using a VOW gave the viewer more access but requires the user to sign up/sign in to the realtors website.  The IDX allows access to a wider range of listings but only those that other brokers marked off in the MLS to be shared on the IDX.  In either case, the broker had to sign an agreement and pay to have the listings on their site.   You could have built your own coding around RETS but companies like the one you were working with make some of this easier.  You still need your broker to to sign up though.
ColdfusionAdminsAuthor Commented:
It simply is not possible to download all properties through

My client will have to sign an agreement directly with MRIS MLS to have ultimate control over the data and website design.
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