Weird Excel Error on Save

When I try to close the file, I get this error:

"One or more formulas in this workbook are longer than the allowed limit of 8192 characters. To avoid this limitation, save the workbook in Excel Binary Workbook format."

The workbook does not have any formula that is > 100 characters. Help. Thanks.
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Hi,  carlosab.

Please save the file as an "Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb)". (If that doesn't work then please try "Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)".)

Assuming that you can save the file, close it and re-open it again. Try to save it as an "Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm)". If that fails, then please post the xlsb/xls version here. (Please be careful to remove any sensitive information - but make sure that the error is still present!)

Edit: Besides long cell/Name formulas, this error may also be caused when a file has too many cell formats. Which version of Excel are you using?


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Thanks carlosab.

To help others who may have the same problem in the future please let us know what resolved things for you.

carlosabAuthor Commented:
Good point. Sorry. I saved as a binary, then closed, reopened, and saved as *.xlsm.
Thanks, carlosab.

xlsb and xls file formats are completely different to the xlsx/xlsm format, so it's possible that the two complete rebuilds have permanently removed the problem. However I'd be suspicious and make sure that my backups were good!

Binson PaulCommented:
this is happening not because of any particular formula that is created, but a pivot range path that crosses this limit of 8192 characters. I have created a small script that fixes this path problem. But incidentally this does not work as a one time fix. the problem seems to occur once in a while and I have to re-run the script every time it happens.
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