Dead SSD

Have a new (5 months) Crucial M4 that worked great up till last week.  It was in a Rocket Fish enclosure to be used as USB External backup.  That evening it was attached to the Windows 7 Pro machine, looking at files and video just fine.  Went to bed, woke up and it never was recognized again.  I fiddled with three other enclosures, a direct insert into the SATA on the MB and only once did it appear as a recognized drive in Device Mgr under properties but not when using Disk Management snap in.  It reads the drive model just fine in the device manager but will not list as available in the Computer Management snap in for HDD Management.

Warranty over.  Any possibility or reviving?  Is it locked up?  All the chips are surface mount, of course as expected, so not sure how anyone would de-solder them and replace the memory into another PC board.
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The make/model can be read even if there is 100% media failure.   Bottom line, if you can't read any of the data, there isn't a program on the planet that can repair it.  Some data recovery firms do have the equipment necessary to repair many SSDs, so I suggest you start contacting them and find one that will at least give a free estimate.

Remember, even with SSDs, every moment they are powered up could make things worse, and expect to pay $500+


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Probably won't help but try a firmware upgrade, the M4s have had issues in the past.
jdfullerAuthor Commented:
Even though this answer certified my research and my worst fears, I at least am certain I've done everything possible.  thanks for answering even the most obvious question.

Empathy is worth 500 points!!

To other answers...  Thanks...

PS>  Did the update but wont recognize SSD so won't proceed.
PPS>  Have contacted data recovery house.
PPPS> Also own EASUS.  Did not read drive.
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