Cisco Building Configuration on 3750s

Hello Experts,

I have a strange request.

Can someone please let me know if its possible to make routers build the running configuration quicker?

Let me explain.

When I do 'show run' on a cisco 3750, it takes ages for the device to 'build the configuration' before it shows the running configuration.

I would like to know if its possible to have the device show the running configuration a lot sooner.


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you can use the other powerful tools to inspect a running-config. We more often use:

    "show run interface ..." to check a particular interface
eg: show run int gi0/0
show run int fa0/0

    "show run | begin <word>" to start displaying the config at a specific line containing <word>

eg; show run | be line
show run | be vlan

    "show run | include <word>" to display all the lines containing the given <word>

eg: show run | in trunk

    "show run | section <word>" is a good one, too
eg; show run | sec line
show run | sec router

use parentheses. That turns your second pipe into an OR:
show run | section interface |access-list

 Also, keep in mind that your match terms are case-sensitive.

you can use exclude also
show ip int | ex unass

otherwise copy the running config to PC/laptop and use an wordpad to open it and then find for specific keywords
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
As long as configuration is not changed, running the command below will be faster:

show startup-config

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Craig BeckCommented:
Showing sections of the config still takes the same amount of time to parse the running-config, so there's no benefit.

If you're consoled into a switch it will take slightly longer to parse and to display the output than if you're connected via SSH.
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Phyo HTET AUNGNetwork Security AnalystCommented:
it takes ages for the device to build up current configuration, 30 seconds it's nightmare when you are in troubleshooting something urgently.

Cisco have configuration performance enhancement which is called "parser config cache " just execute that command in global congratulation mode. It's reduces the time required for the CLI to execute commands that manage the running system configuration, especially for large configuration files. Your configuration would be very big.

More detail on cisco link

cpatte7372Author Commented:
Thanks guys for your help.

All responses are very good. Not sure how allocate points?
cpatte7372Author Commented:

I found out that the reason it takes so long is because there are 4 switches in the stack.

cpatte7372Author Commented:
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