Exchange 2010 Event 12017/12018 on Original Certs

My SBS2011 with Exchange 2010 is issuing event-id 12017-12018 every night about certificates set to expire at the end of this month.

I can see in the Exchange console that I do indeed have 4 certificates that will expire. They all have to do with SMTP,IIS,POP and IMAP.  These certificates were issued by the server  with the server installation and are all labeled SELF SIGNED False.

All instructions I can find so far are for self-signed certificates

I picked the one for SITES to work on since it seems tied to SMTP. I found instructions on finding the thumbprint and using New-ExchangeCertificate. I was able to create a new certificate but the finished product says it is untrusted and must be put into the certificates store.

I found that by using MMC I could add my certificate to the store but it requires a file name and I don't have one.

I have since (I Think) re-connected SMTP to the old certificate because it wouldn't let me remove the invalid certificate until I did and removed my new certificate and should be back where I started.

The SUBJECT on 3 is CN=REMOTE.  The other is CN=Sites.  One of the many things I am wondering is why is there 3 certs for CN=REMOTE.  

This can't be as hard as I am making it!!

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Run the fix my network wizard in the SBS management console. That should resolve the issue for you.

NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
You can install a trusted SSL certificate. The StartSSL Free Class 1 certificate is a perfect choice for an SBS. That's really a free certificate, no strings attached, fully automated validation:

DaveJ50Author Commented:
Thanks Simon I searched forums and articles for 3 days and you answered it with one line.  I'd send you extra points if I could.

On a slight downside, FIX MY COMPUTER did issue a new certificate but in the process it FIXED MY ROUTER's WAGON.   Took a while to get the router running again.

Thanks Much Again
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