Solar back up

I'm looking  for a solar back up power
- able to charge some electronic (phone, computer)
- run a few lights at night.
any suggestions ?
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How portable do you need it to be?
What's the budget?

For an Escape 150 plus a Boulder 30 panel with tripod from GoalZero, you will pay over $700. (half of which you will have to throw away and replace in 2 years when the battery goes bad...)

You can put together your own stationary (or portable if mounted on the roof of an RV) system for $500 or so using discrete components, the battery of which will cost about $75 to replace when it goes bad.

Information deleted, since question was closed while I was assembling research.
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Darr 247

I really would like to see the rest of your post if you don't mind
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