Solar back up

I'm looking  for a solar back up power
- able to charge some electronic (phone, computer)
- run a few lights at night.
any suggestions ?
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carlmdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This site offers everything you need, and will help you match up the pieces for you needs.
How portable do you need it to be?
What's the budget?

For an Escape 150 plus a Boulder 30 panel with tripod from GoalZero, you will pay over $700. (half of which you will have to throw away and replace in 2 years when the battery goes bad...)

You can put together your own stationary (or portable if mounted on the roof of an RV) system for $500 or so using discrete components, the battery of which will cost about $75 to replace when it goes bad.

Information deleted, since question was closed while I was assembling research.
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Darr 247

I really would like to see the rest of your post if you don't mind
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