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I want to determine if a particular directory exists while in an Access form (2003).

I am using the below code that works fine but I want to only search for one level of directory not all the sub directories in the folder.  The Main path is P:\Rental Jobs and under that directory is a directory for each job number in our access table  (like P:\Rental jobs\20456.  ) But I dd not want to look for any subfolders beyond the Job Number directory. I am not sure of the different settings available in the code.  Any suggestions ?

Public Function FindMyFolder(startfolder As String, searchname As String) As String

Static fso As scripting.FileSystemObject
If fso Is Nothing Then Set fso = New scripting.FileSystemObject

Dim folder As scripting.folder
Dim result As String

Set folder = fso.GetFolder(startfolder)

Dim subfolder As scripting.folder
For Each subfolder In folder.SubFolders
  If subfolder.Name = searchname Then
    result = subfolder.path
    GoTo done
    result = FindMyFolder(subfolder.path, searchname)
    Me.txtSearch = subfolder.path
    MsgBox ("Search Directory: " & txtSearch), vbInformation
    If result <> Empty Then GoTo done
  End If

FindMyFolder = result

End Function
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Try using the following function:
Public Function FolderExists(strFolder As String) As Boolean
On Error GoTo ProcExit
  If (GetAttr(strFolder) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then
    FolderExists = True
  End If
End Function

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Simply pass it the full path to the folder you want to check and it will return True or False.

Best wishes,
Graham Mandeno [Access MVP 1996-2013]

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ChandlerBoundAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly and quickly as  my method was way too slow!  Thank you for the quick response.
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